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Need a Registration of your New Yacht Tanker ship? to USA 

You are looking for a solution to Register your Boat or Vessel on behalf of your LLC or CORP Company to USA ? From an Expert Cabinet in Maritime Law in the USA which offers you prestigious services for your LLC or CORP Company  to USA ? So welcome to Mister Companies !

Mister Companies and its accountants, accountants, lawyers and other consultants and services within the framework of the services of the number 1 platform for creation and management of companies in the USA ” Mister Companies "

Formulas for the registration of your Vessel for commercial or rental use on behalf of your LLC or CORP company in the USA, simple and quick to set up with the services of Mister Companies.

Complete Yacht Registration Services with Mister Companies

A complete boat or Vessel registration and company management service to meet your requirements and the needs of your LLC or CORP Company in the USA! Mister Companies and its agents, expert in Maritime law in the USA, offer a full service and remotely controllable since your smartphone ou computer


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The Documents to Provide for the activation of your Vessel Registration service on behalf of an LLC or CORP Company in the USA?

  • Director's passport
  • Proof Address of the Director
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Inquiry form
  • Vessel Documentation Set
  • Ship Purchase Invoice

Maritime Law Expert to USA ! Discover our offers with our local agents!

Looking Maritime Law Expert ? A Accountant ? A Tax Expert? So get in touch quickly with our Ship Registration services to USA. Local agents Mister Companies make a personalized offer for you according to your accounting needs and those of your Company LLC ou CORP to USA.

With Mister Companies offer your company the services of a true expert Maritime law in the USA and the creation and management of LLC or CORP Company in the USA, our local agents are at your disposal to assist you in the launch of your project to USA or in creation and the establishment of your Company LLC or CORP to USA.

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