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You are looking for an Immigration Expert in the USA for you or your employees and for your LLC or CORP Company to USA ? From an Expert Firm in Immigration Law that offers you prestigious services for your LLC or CORP Company  to USA ? So welcome to Mister Companies !

Mister Companies and its agents, lawyers and other consultants and services within the framework of the services of the number 1 platform for visa application in the USA and the creation and management of companies in the USA ” Mister Companies "

Investor visa application forms for you or for the good of your LLC or CORP company in the USA simple and quick to set up with the services of Mister Companies.

Complete visa applicant services in the USA with Mister Experts Companies

A complete management service and visa process to meet your requirements and the needs of your LLC or CORP Company in the USA! Mister Companies and its agents, lawyers expert in immigration law in the United States, offer a full service and remotely controllable of your visa applications from your smartphone ou computer

  • The B1 USA Business visa
  • The B2 USA Tourism visa
  • The F1 USA Studies visa
  • The J1 USA Stage visa
  • The US Work in Business visa: H1B.
  • The Work visa in a subsidiary: L1
  • The EB1 visa for expatriates with rare skills in the fields of research, art or sport.
  • The EB2 for people with higher education or with skills likely to serve the national interest and help the country's economy.
  • The EB3 intended for specialized workers (or not) hired by a US company.
  • The EB4 for “special” workers.
  • The EB5 aimed at promoting investment in the United States

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